From on court to online.
From Grit Grind to Good Game.
From we got next to next level.
Press Start.

The Brand

Grizz Gaming’s logo is bold and balanced. It combines the Grizzlies’ on-court tenacity, updated for a digital space. The “Grizz Gaming” GG ligature combines the “Grit and Grind” ethos of the Memphis Grizzlies with a tacit nod to a traditional gaming sign-off, “Good Game.” The bear claw updates the Grizzlies’ secondary logo, elevating it to primary logo status, with each of the five claws representing the five players on the team.

The official colors invoke a more simplified version of the Grizzlies’ color scheme, boldly relying on our fan favorite Beale Street and Midnight Blues. The secondary logo, Grizz + Grind, incorporate the Grizzlies’ iconic inline type utilizing a “+” instead of the usual ampersand that visually identifies with gaming controllers.